Compartimos este video realizado por @ArianneAlcorta en apoyo a la lucha por la democracia en Venezuela.

A 20-minute documentary about the uprising in Venezuela since February 12, 2014. 
Upon the strong repression imposed by the Venezuelan regime and the media block out that followed, civilians are left with no more than hope—a hope lead by the desire of democracy, freedom and a better future. But as young students battle to be heard, they are instead hurt, abused and in many cases killed by their country’s security forces.

That is why I decided to do what I know best: report the truth through the eyes of a lens. It is my duty as a Venezuelan journalist to fight for the freedom of expression in my homeland, a right that has been the core of my carrier. Thanks to the thousands of images shared by civilians, Venezuelans around the world are more present than ever, myself included. We seek to inform the globe with the same strong images that have shocked and frustrated us since the national march that took place on February 12—the same images that show serious human right violations that have gone unpunished and overlooked by Venezuela’s regime.

***I would like to mention that I made a mistake towards the end. According to the Venezuelan national newspaper “el Universal,” one Venezuelan dies every 20 minutes, not 21 seconds. I apologize for the error.

Additionally, it is important to mention that if there is anyone interested in helping me translate the video into another language, I will be happy to do so. My twitter @ArianneAlcorta, is totally available as a contact information. The same goes to any person who has suffered from any kind of violence and wishes to share his or her experience. My task is to provide a platform of information to those who need it. Thanks!